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Starting Fresh

Whew. It’s been quite a while since I did anything with my old blog. I didn’t see myself committing to that one like I wanted to so now it’s gone. I can’t really pinpoint why and don’t care to but I’m excited because a Wednesday night in April (and today) marked a fresh start for me.

And on a Wednesday night in April was a night years in the making.

In 2004, Thoughts Weigh Heavy started out as a concept to help me focus my lyrics in a significant way. It was a challenge to myself  to write insightful, poetic and demanding lyrics and force the listener to pay attention. Admittedly, I have relaxed this position because it’s exhausting (ya gotta have some fun songs, am I right?) and, I think, a little self-indulgent. I love the way fun music makes me feel and my favorite bands all exhibit some kind of lightheartedness in some way. So naturally, I gravitated towards that approach (see You Have Got Me).

The sweet, sweet nectar that is performing live.

The sweet, sweet nectar that is performing live.

Through those first couple years in my bedroom to the solo shows to the studio and now Phoenix, I visualized playing these songs live with a band and wondered what it would look like and how it would come together. In Philly, I jammed with some friends but unfortunately, they couldn’t commit due to prior demands. Then I jammed with Ben after moving to Phoenix last January and everything seemed to click. It was a new experience for me because Ben ended up becoming my writing partner, which I’d never had before (Ben’s licks are all over our new songs and our rearranged old songs). We both yearned for a good drummer and after some time, we found someone who was able to carve out some time for us several weeks ago.

Enrique is a colleague of Ben’s and plays drums in the band Future Loves Past (outstanding band, outstanding people). Ben and I knew from the first time we jammed with Enrique that he was in tune with what we were looking for and rounded out the sound better than we could have imagined. We had complete confidence that he’d fit the bill.

After a few weeks of practicing and honing with Enrique, and years of just waiting for my music to be played by a band behind me, we finally played: an open mic at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Was it big crowd? No, but it was what I needed as a musician and what we needed as a band.

We were solid. I flubbed a couple notes but there was no major disaster, or even minor ones for that matter. For a first show, it was enough to keep us playing again and optimistic.

To those who came, thank you. In a couple ways, it was one if the biggest shows I’d ever played. It marked a fresh start for me and I am happy to share with you. And to those who’ve yet to see us, we look forward to playing for you very soon!



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